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Art education (selection)

Childrens Art Festival Locatie Spatie 2014-open
Spatie Indoctrinatie for Motel Spatie 2017, Netherlands
Sonsbeek art education Arnhem 2016, Netherlands
MOBA childrens art festival 2016, Netherlands
Magazine for Malburgen 2013 and 2015, Netherlands
Collaboration in the Air for New Arts, Netherlands

is a magazine about dreams and what they mean for you made with children from Malburg, Arnhem.

is a project about experimenting. We painted some hours with people that make use of a robot-arm to see what is possible for them with creatie expression. In 2019 we plan to develop painting tools with them and make a mural in public space.

“Trash City”
Over the course of 3 months as a collective of artists from Locatie Spatie build a city out of trash in an empty supermarket at a mall from the 60ties located in Presikhaaf, Arnhem. Every wednesday we where open and kids could come as they liked. Further we did a series of lessons with kids from the local school at FABLAB.

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Koschka & Heimprofi

Herfsttooi Rijksmuseum Twenthe, Enschede (NL)

“Bestattung Heimmkehr”
is a musictheater performance from Koschka&Heimprofi about Heimat and Travelling. Homesickness, nostalgia and travelling to the unknown, loss of home, exile and melancholia drenched in a strong will and hope are the driving force of this musical theater piece. These themes deeply present in Koschka´s songs are used by Heimprofi in the LIVE-Video projections.

The bounding element in this collaboration is a book as in; diaries, photo albums, agenda´s, journals etc…. Protagonists: a small plastic house, a sparkler, aluminium foil, ink, plants and a book in which she draws and places cut-out images as associations to the songs. By leafing through the book the audience is taken on a visual journey that connects to Koschka´s stories. Every song is enveloped or supported by a small visual universe that comes into existence during the song and collides again. This growing and colliding transports the feeling of movement, not being able to hold on: people observe – images of death – symbols of gathering – abandonment. These loose elements have a dramaturgical line which communicate together an abstract story of it´s own.

Since 2012 “Koschka und Heimprofi” made several musictheatreperformances wich they performed in Germany, Holland, France and Austria.

performances (selection)
24-09-16 Code Rood, Arnhem (NL)
20-08-15 Museum Insel Hombroich, Hombroich (DE)
05-08-15 Old School, Havelberg (DE)
08-11-14 Biennale Gelderland, Nijmegen (NL)
19-12-13 The Magical Massage Bar for Public Officers, Arnhem (NL)
15-09-13 Herfsttooi Rijksmuseum Twenthe, Enschede (NL)
25-04-13 Extrapool, Nijmegen (NL)

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Lit Du Parade

Performance “Lit Du Parade” 
Throughout our lifetime we come to collect a good bunch of objects. Some of theme are there because they are part of our life story and others are just stuff filling up our surroundings. When a person dies the only physical thing that is left behind are the objects he or she used to identify with. These objects can become like relics or it could happen that all those belongings are of no interest to anyone any more, But one way or the other, these objects can help reconstructing the live a person had by collecting the memories and stories attached to them.

In de performance “Lit du Parade” onderzoekt K. Burger de relatie tussen objecten en de herinneringen die eraan verbonden zijn. De performance lijkt voort toe vloeien uit een concrete handeling; het leeghalen van het huis van de overleden M. Koudenburg en het proces wat Burger moest doorlopen om deze opgave te volbrengen. E. Karkoschka ondersteunde deze performance met geluid en gezang.

Dit project vond plaats in het kader van Fill the Room een project van Derde Wall onderleiding van M. Farabegoli.