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A RITUAL the place of transition
What is this nature we live in and how do we relate to it. People have an urge to explore and to create but with creating we so often produce waste without being aware of it. Ecosystems are capable of complete recycling. Complete recycling means that 100% of the waste material can be reconstituted indefinitely. Can we create art in balance with the way our ecosystem functions? So to create a piece of art that at the moment we walk away from it can become one with nature again. During this workshop we want to create new worlds of images and dreams presented in a sculptural manner. We will explore the materiality of natural materials and what our relation is to them. We will work with sound and build with materials found in our direct environment.

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Workshops for:

Los Amigos de la Esquina MX, Big Draw Nijmegen NL, Motel Spatie NL, Cultural Capital Donostia, ESP, Kultursiftung des Bundes D, D, Mellowpark Berlin D, Stichting Beleven NL, Cultuurpad NL, Debbie den Besten NL, AMZAF NL, Helios Theater, Hamm D, Cultural Capital Kosice, SLW, Derde wall Gallerie NL, Hellwach theater Festival D, Pottfiction D, Ruhr 2010 D, Incubate festival NL, New Arts NL, NAX NL, RIBW NL, Theater Filmfest Dusseldorf, Mode Biennale, Arnhem NL, Slim Opgewekt NL, Beekdal lyceum NL, Kunstbedrijf NL, stichting Roset NL.

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I make murals together with all kinds of people in different social contexts. Till now I have painted in Slowakia, Holland, Spain, Germany and Mexico often in collaboration with Naamloozz. Sometimes this was in the setting of an international art project, on invitation, commisioned or self initiated and supported by friends and family through crowd funding. I am always happy to share the brush with others and hope to continue to do so in the future.

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Building Places

A city arises from the trash left behind by humans.
A city like an enormous organ, that pounds, moves and makes noises.

I am currently working on a series of videos of miniature cities that I build on locations that i am attracted to as an urban stroller. The buildings are made out of materials found on location (wood/ stones/ packaging, etc.) and with the growing of buildings, cities arise.

This process of the growing of settlements (brick by brick) is recorded so in the end a short stop-motion movie of a growing city and a miniature city is brought into existence. The videos are part of a larger research on parts of the cities that one can have access to to play freely with the material laying around there. The goal is a video installation made out of around 40 videos created over a longer time span.