Magical Massage Bar

Magical Massage Bar

“The Magical Massage Bar for Public Officers”
Live-video for the noise opera by Slowakian composer Útvil Kling Sang (2013)

Opera: The Magical Massage Bar for Public Officers (in two acts)

location: Arnhem, Hema, Netherlands
premiere: between 16.-19. of december 2013 / still looking for best day for it
production: Motel Spatie / KIAR as artist residency


Why is it just her who is the head of the corporation?
Why not? That´s not an actuall question.
Why is not here anyone normal?
Oni sú úradníci? – Are they public officers?
Everything was, is and will be decided by black box.

Synopsis / story – only for a context
/ From a dairy of expublic – officiar from Arhnem, 1.10.2013

It’s been fifty years since they mounted the black box at top of the tallest apartment building here
in Arnhem. Seven years ago it started to kill quietly every living thing around. They turned it into
antenna. Now the black box continues—with the consent of “majority”—to radiate at people and
the environment, and changes everything around. Slowly and unnoticeably, it smothers us all. We all know about that and we knew what it would bring to our lives.

Today the access to the building is banned. After the sale it was decided that the building—where
hundreds of people could have lived—will be used as an antenna. What kind of world do we live in? Yes,
it’s sci-fi. It’s no secret, it was openly confessed, and now we have nobody to fight with officially because the officials who don’t live here approved it effortlessly. Thirteen abandoned floors for anybody but the black box.

All in all, the black box has capacities to kill the officials themselves. The black box is more than a being.

It’s higher form of intelligence. Because of the radiation, nobody can work in that building now. People who were there had migraines at best, at worst they developed cancer, and many of them remained half-deaf. They lost their coordination. The only way to protect oneself was to cover the eyes and ears with a strip of black fabric. It was an idea of the director from the opposite building. The director was a bizarre, obsessive lady holding the so called magic massage bar in her hand by which she directed the corporation. She had a disastrous taste for music, such as the half of this country. However, she was the only person able to polarize the black box radiation, and thus directed the corporation with its employees. Holding the hole in her hand, she understood well the bizarre and obsessive occultisms beyond the reason. No surprise. What would you expect from the management of the international corporation? The employees could carry on this way. But why there’s nobody here today?

You can imagine what made people ripping concrete from the ground while leaving the lights and heating on, and the microwave ovens, cookers and air-condition units tossed around, disappearing afterward…

(text: Útvil kling sang 2.11.2013)