Together with N.Thibo I was part of the performance duo Powerplant. Powerplant made theatrical live-cinema performances between 2001 and 2011 and performed in various places in Holland an abroad like the van Abbe museum, Paradiso, Revolver Gallery, Duesseldorf and various art festivals like the Gogbot Festival in Enschede.

Power Plant built miniature worlds, creating an autonomous sculpture and a setting for a movie at the same time. By filming inside these miniature models, the live projection of this film created the illusion of a real-size world. Powerplant constructed their landscape models with found material. After a fruitful period of working together for several years on live-cinema and other projects we decided that we wanted to work by ourselves again.

The installations in which these stories took place, were most often built out of chemically constructed, low-cost materials such as plastics and Styrofoam. Powerplant’s aim was to transform the realm of reproduction, (with mass production being a significant sign of our time,) into work that as a whole, was completely irreproducible. Although we mostly worked with material that had lost all significance in terms of monetary value or functionality, its inertia was turned into an ambiguous basis material for our installations.

AVECOM FESTIVAL ARNHEM. Overview photo from the installation for ‘In die Bar um die Ecke I’, (2008.) Duration 32 min. In this live cinema performance, a small group of characters try to get to the Enlightenment Level in an Enlightenment Game.

CINEMA AT HOME FESTVAL. Overview photo of the audience, installation and live film projection for ‘In die Bar um die Ecke II’ (2009) Duration 26 min.

VAN ABBE MUSEUM, EINDHOVEN. Overview photo of the live cinema installation for ‘In die Bar um die Ecke II’, (2009.) Duration 26 min.

MEDIA ART FRIESLAND. Video still from ‘Outlet Land I’, (2009) Duration 46 min. Photograph of live film projection and text projection.

KUNSTHUIS SYB, BEETSTERZWAAG. Overview photo of the live film projection and performers ‘Outlet Land I’, (2011) Duration 48 min.

ODAPARK, VENRAY. Overview at installation from ‘Outlet Land II’, (2011) Duration 48 min. Scene 1 (7 min.): Camera glides through a labyrinth of Outlet stores. This still resembles a carpet Outlet store.

ODAPARK VENRAY. Video still from ‘Outlet Land II’, (2011) Duration 48 min. Scene 11: Monica Lewinsky announces the opening of a new fast food chain called ‘Wrestling the Chicken Diner’. In this diner, people can sit in a bath tub, and then eat and wrestle with an industrially enhanced and enlarged piece of chicken. The diner is located inside the labyrinth of Outlet Land.

Powerplant ziet zichzelf als een eigentijds produkt van deze westerse ‘consumer-society’. Een maatschappij die tegennatuurlijk is vervormd, en daardoor tegennatuurlijke situaties met zich meebrengt, wat sporen nalaat op zijn omgeving, het lichaam en de psyche van de mens. De ‘instant-films’ zijn net als de meeste wegwerp produkten van korte levensduur en voor een tijdelijk gebruik bedoeld. Powerplant is een klein recycle bedrijf en bouwt haar instalaties/ film set hoofdzakelijk van afval materiaal.

Live-cinema installations by Powerplant

* In der Bar um die Ecke, 2002 (3 sets, 24min, 1 Channelprojection, sound)

* Fortune Cookie Fleas ,2002 (5 sets, 23min, 1 Channelprojection, sound)

* Welcome to the Heat, 2004 (12 sets, 44min, 2 Channelprojection, sound)

* Heroes no Coffee at the Melk Salon in Ahrnem, 2004 (Installation)

* The Future is comming at you with 60min a hour, 2005 Berlin (Installation)
* Fortune Cookie Fleas II, 2006 (7 sets, 33min, 2 Channelprojection, sound)

* Mental Mickey, 2007 (1 set, 11min, performance, 1 Channelprojection, sound)

* The Dessert of Doom, 2007 (5 sets, 31min, 2 Channelprojection, sound)

* In der Bar um die Ecke II,2007/2008 (7 sets, 34min, 2 Channelprojection, sound,)

* OUTLET LAND, 2009-2011 (11 sets, 49min, 2 Channelprojection, sound)